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Kitchen Hacks campaign

Art direction for a social campaign that served as a backup to reinforce the companion out‑of‑home campaign using the hashtag #TapTapTakeout with the topic of kitchen hacks ie. unconventional kitchen uses. Objectives were to: surprise and delight existing diners; drive engagement and word of mouth with shareable user generated content; drive brand awareness and gain new diners. The campaign earned approximately 4k social engagements, 9k orders from Facebook ads, and 300k Twitter impressions. Achieved!

I created an identity which reappropriated our existing food photography backgrounds minus the food so it echoed the Seamless look and was also reminiscent of kitchen counter tops. The punch label font served to create a DIY hack aesthetic tacked on to the Seamless logo.

Promotional YouTube videos

The copywriter and I sourced locations, a presenter, director, videographer, and actors, concurrently working on scripts and overall concepts.


The initial social posts prompted user generated content. Highlighting unconventional things space‑starved New Yorkers use their kitchens for. People joined the conversation by sharing photos of their best kitchen hacks via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the #TapTapTakeout hashtag. An intentionally rough-around-the-edges look was used so as to not deter people from entering if their image wasn’t super polished.


We staged these using our possessions in the kitchens featured in the videos.