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Seamless Summer 2015 out‑of‑home campaign

I strategized, art‑directed, oversaw copy, booked a photographer, crew and venue. We booked influencers to appeal to three main demos. Some relatively well known, some up and coming. All photogenic, fun, and relatable. We featured a rock climber, a late night TV backing band, an internet celebrity, a DJ, a chef, a writer, and the CEO of a startup. What resulted was a very successful campaign unlike anything Seamless had previously done.

Subway narrow car cards

Urban panels

Bus shelters and phone kiosks

Ultra super king bus sides

Direct mailer one – “Toys and Tots” demographic

These DMs targeted two of our three core demo groups at that time, based on zip codes, and other secret sauces. “Toys and Tots” = sub-urban Moms in their thirties and forties.

Direct mailer two – “Core” demographic

Aimed at two of the three demo groups at that time.

Social reaction

Some quirky highlights from this campaign’s social buzz were DJ Subset’s fans creating mashups of themselves interacting with his poster and the Fat Jew’s followers creating a meme of people flipping the bird at him on the bus side… which I think was somehow good for us!