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Seamless out‑of‑home campaign, Winter 2014‑2015

I strategized, designed, oversaw/contributed copy and managed print production for this out‑of‑home campaign, one of our most successful to date. Numbers went way up when these were up and down when they were down! Social reaction was phenomenal. All red was used so as to stand out against existing visual landscape as there were no other all red campaigns at that time. A minimal design approach was used in order to maximise impact of copy. Speaking to New Yorkers in an authentic New York voice, pain points included the phone, paper menus, and online security.

Half branded subway train

The full half branded train used the all red for maximum impact. Anywhere the ads appeared on their own we used the wood and food backgrounds with complimentary graphic elements that formed a cohesive look echoing the all red pieces. Subway cars have a long dwell time so we could utilise longer copy lines.

Phone kiosks

This media buy has a short dwell time so we minimized the copy without killing the fun. The copy and logo needed to appear relatively higher up due to the possibilty of trash, newspaper dispensers, and children blocking the lower third.

Subway clocks

A great opportunity for contextually relevant advertising. We didn’t waste the chance.

Geo local phone kiosks and bus shelters

19 phone kiosks and bus shelters in five boroughs: Astoria, East Vilage, Upper West Side, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint highlighted restaurants within walking distance of the featured piece.

JFK airport wallscape graphics

This got a lot of attention from New Yorkers returning home to the city and its comforts.

Social reaction

We prompted some great feedback via social media. The line about “manspreading” was also a huge hit, purposly placed above where manspreading most often occurs on the subway knowing that this would earn attention. Which it did. Several people unknowingly fell into our trap and were secretly photographed and posted to social media, as had been our cunning plan all along… MuaHaHaHAAAA.