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Wedding identity system

When I proposed two swans swam to the edge of the pier we were on. I featured one of those swans in this identity to return the favour. Interlocking the first initials of both our names… T and D, to form a monogram.


Using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and optimised for retina screens.



We had these pieces letterpress printed by Lion in the Sun, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Save the date

I set the script element of the identity in “Ballantines Regular”, nice font but it required extensive customisation.

Thank you card

I created a typographic device where “Thank You” is legible from one angle and “Dermot & Tiffanie” from the other, a slightly different way to create hierarchy. Everyone received a custom selection of Polaroid‑esque pictures, featuring images of themselves and/or their friends and family. Event photography by Michael Saab.