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Seamless emails from 2012‑2013

When I took over this channel every email was coded from scratch, completely image based, and non responsive. Some of the communications weren’t obviously beneficial to the customer and non creative marketing colleagues were art directing. The creative team took control of the process and results improved dramatically.

Snow/water park email

I had initially concepted, illustrated, designed and coded an email creative that showed Manhattan under water, as the full extent of Sandy became apparent we cancelled that email deployment. Though in a horrible irony it was scarily accurate in its depiction. A few months later I repurposed the illustration and typography to create a snow based version of the previous “New York Water Park” email. This communication didn’t carry a discount so it was important to feature engaging visuals and witty copy.

2012 election email

Concept, design, illustration and coding. The Presidential election was imminent, we chose to send an election themed email and employed a simple voting visual metaphor and illustration. The email did incredibly well.

“Don’t wet your pants!” email

Concept, design, and coding. Despite not carrying a discount or serious customer benefit, this communication did incredibly well both in terms of redemptions and social traction.

Late night diners email

Concept, design, illustration and coding. This was the first email where I used colleagues as the stars, thank you Jim and Jessie. Map illustration was all me and Photoshop.

“Daft Punk” themed email

Concept, design, and coding. Inspired by Daft Punk’s aesthetic and their hit “Technologic”. This was the first email where we encouraged people to share the discount code in order to get new users through word of mouth… the holy grail.