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Seamless site re‑launch videos

Seamless rolled out a new site with developments based on feedback from our diners. Making Seamless more reliable than ever, and adding more fun and useful features. Our CMO tasked me with producing four videos, to be hosted on the site and on YouTube, explaining and highlighting these new features. She wanted to avoid people and stock footage, and these had to be created from concept to launch in 4 days. I came up with the concept and hired and oversaw a production crew, Voice-over artist, and an illustrator, Sue Shea.

Video one – Site Refresh

“You spoke. We listened. Check out our fresh new features based on your feedback!”

Video two – Food First Search

“Remember the time you were craving Pad Thai, but you didn’t know exactly where to get it? Our new search lets you find the exact food you’re craving. It’s like a crystal ball, but for your taste buds!”

Video three – Recommended Restaurants

“Need us to recommend new flavors? Popular restaurants and cuisines now live on the homepage, so you can check out the hottest tastes right away.”

Video four – Paying with Paypal or Cash

“We now accept cash and PayPal payments! So you can pay any which way you prefer.”

On set

Graphic facilitator Sue Shea with director and mo‑graf guy Mike Marabella, talented folks.