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Tiffanie’s 32nd birthday card

This was the first birthday my wife celebrated after we got engaged. The colour scheme inspired our Wedding identity soon after. 32 candles, 32 scenes from our relationship up until that point, 32 cheesy cringes for you the reader right now. Every card I design for family or friends carries a version of the “Dermot Hallmark” logo on the reverse.

Birthday card and insert for Anne Marie

I designed this for an old girlfriend, again a lot of in‑jokes. The charicature is spot on, though you’ve no real way of knowing for sure. I love using trademark symbols for subtle comedic effect.

27th birthday card for Colm

My brother and I are intrigued by the “Forever 27 Club” so when he turned 27 I decided to use it as a macabre theme for his birthday card. Sadly Amy Winehouse has since also “gone and joined that stupid club”.

Tiffanie’s <35th birthday card

The real version of this card included screen captures of romantic messages, immediately relevant emojis, and in‑jokes my wife and I have sent each other over the last year. I’ve replaced most of the original copy with lorem ipsum in Catalan. FC Barcelona were playing on TV when I was working on this. I think this will save a lot of embarrassment for all concerned. A vertical, pixelated <35 is “die cut” (with an exacto knife, which required a lot of patience) to reveal a contrasting inner colour and is surrounded by iPhone SMS text bubbles.