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OreganFinancial 6th UK commercial property fund

Concept, design, client and print liaison. When the Celtic Tiger was roaring a new fund would be launched every few months. Each one had a unique look while staying true to the OreganFinancial brand.

Here’s how the former CEO of OreganFinancial described working with me:

“he would bring a ‘can do’ attitude to the project but that said he’s not just a yes man and he’ll tell you when he thinks there is a better (or more effective) way to do what you want.
In our time working together on multiple projects we almost always achieved success in terms of results which ultimately is what matters. I genuinely think this was as a result of Dermot not being afraid to fight his corner when necessary so that we went a better way which maybe we couldn’t see.”

OreganFinancial 9th UK commercial property fund