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Seamless Direct Mailers

The Direct Mail channel really interests me and there’s no reason it can’t be creative and get real results when done right. Each new DM has performed better than the last as we learn from ongoing tests. Recently I suggested perforating the offer and discount into a removable credit card sized token so people could punch out and keep in their wallets for later even if the larger flyer is displaced or discarded, this strategy resulted in a huge redemption rate increase.

Summer 2014 trifold

Concept, strategy, and design. Some nice Seinfeld inspired copy from Ellen Karas. The white blocks were part of the printers template to allow for the recipients’ variable data to be printed in a separate pass.

Mr. Moneybags, New Year 2014

Concept, strategy, and design. This was a targeted non‑acquisition communication which ran concurrently with CRM discount emails. It went to existing customers who were all familiar with the service so we didn’t need to reinforce the value propositions and could have some fun. We sent out a number of communications featuring this high rolling cat… “Mr. Moneybags”. Redemptions and social interest were much higher than average.

Fall 2012

Concept, strategy, and design. This targeted customers who hadn’t placed an order for a set amount of time. With that in mind it was important to feature food imagery and call out some value props. Sometimes people who had never placed an order receive these in error so we also called those folks out so this also served as an acquisition piece.